Our Policy on Quality, Environmental Preservation, and Health and Safety Protection at Work

Policy on quality, environment, and health and safety protection at work arises from the general strategic objectives of the company. It reflects the main principles of activities of the company's executive management and the employees. We believe that the quality of our construction works and services, environmental protection, and health and safety of our employees at work are the decisive factors of our long-term success. We are continuously satisfying and exceeding our customer requirements and expectations, and therefore our primary and constant goals include:

Satisfying usefulness and technical parameters of construction work

Keeping contractual deadlines

High quality of our construction works

Offering above standard contractual conditions

Continuous increase in the standard of health and safety protection at work

Improvement of environmental preservation and prevention of environmental pollution

Satisfying customers' requirements with minimu environmental impact

Observance of respective legal and other requirements related to the integrated management system in accordance with standards STN EN ISO 9001,STN EN ISO 14001 and STN OHSAS 18001.