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HS HSV s. r o.,
Košice, Hroncova 2

Nomenclature of works

1. We provide construction of investment units by means of VDS or turn key constructions.
2. The realization of HSV (main construction) works:

  • preparation of construction´s realization
  • common ground works
  • temporary safeguarding of underground lines
  • concreting works from common and reinforced concrete
  • traditional and system casing of all types of concrete structure
  • placing of reinforcements from welded meshwork, KARI network and reinforcement from rods of all structures
  • masonic works
  • plastering works
  • industrial armoured floors of ARMOREX type in different structural thickness and colour modifications
  • flooring made from stone, bricks, concrete blocks, panels, chunks
  • realization of drainage and tiles
  • mounting and dismounting of scaffoldings

3. Tanks and reservoirs made from water-proof concrete
4. Structure of reinforced monolithic blocks
5. Structures of hardened surfaces of varied structures and from various materials
6. Covers of ground communications made from gravel and stone, covers of concrete tiles, panels. Covers of pavements, roads and spaces of lock pavements and various beddings
7. Areas and modifications of grounds for ecological dumps
8. Agricultural hydro-amelioration
9. Sewerage pipe-lines and water pipe-lines made from different materials
10. Electrical lines, cable bodies of cable leads of all types including chambers
11. Barriers and modification of small flows, flow and channel adaptation
12. Realization of PSV works:

  • Insulations against water and humidity
  • Thermal insulations
  • Fire coats and sprays
  • Heating of peripheral walls, even additional
  • Acoustic and anti vibration insulations
  • Health-technical installations of buildings, including furnishing facilities and various systems
  • Structure of glass-concrete walls, partition walls, windows
  • Carpenter structures
  • Mounting of metal building and complementary structure
  • Coatings and paints of all types

13.    Electrical installations




Masonic Work